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Get hip to our first offering of themed swag for true book lovers everywhere...our I Prefer My Books Unplugged tshirts and bumper stickers.

Do you love reading books with actual pages?

Does the mere concept of ebooks, Kindles and Nooks make you slightly queasy?

Do you foresee landfills filled with discarded electro-books and lithium batteries poisoning our earth?

Would you rather curl up with a great hardback or paperback than an electronic upsell device?

Show your pride in being a bookworm and proclaim your allegiance to real books. Click on the links to the left to get your custom tshirts and bumper stickers.

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Swag Brothers partner and idea man wearing "I Prefer My Books Unpluggled" t-shirt at a Barnes & Noble Nook sales kiosk. The air was thick with irony that day!